Classification of Fractures of knee

The Comprehensive Classification of Fractures of Long Bones
"A classification is useful only if it considers the severity of the bone lesion and serves as a basis for treatment and for evaluation of the results." Maurice E. Müller
The Principle of the Classification
The Anatomic Location
The Fracture Types
The Coding of the Diagnosis
11-Humerus Proximal
12-Humerus Diaphysis
13-Humerus Distal
21-Radius/Ulna Proximal
22-Radius/Ulna Diaphysis
23-Radius/Ulna Distal
31-Femur Proximal
32-Femur Diaphysis
33-Femur Distal
41-Tibia/Fibula Proximal
42-Tibia/Fibula Diaphysis
43-Tibia/Fibula Distal
44-Tibia/Fibula, Malleolar Segment


Classification of Fractures of knee
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